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from August 16, 2007
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Daily Breeze, July 20, 2009

Expert Landscape Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Good news in tough economic times: You don't have to spend a fortune to get expert landscape design for your home. All you need is a landscape designer in a box.

The Soap Opera Scoreboard

ALL MY CHILDREN: Madison lets Jesse know she watched the hotel surveillance tapes and saw Randi entering North's room. Madison knows Jesse covered up North's murder but tells him she destroyed the surveillance tapes. Taylor has an awkward encounter with Brot when she gives him back some of his things. Tad and Taylor try to be optimistic about the future. David vows to give up his obsession with Amanda after the DNA shows David is not baby Stuart's father. Jake tells Amanda the truth about her...

Tips On Cleaning Dirty Screens

Not long ago, you probably began opening drapes and windows that had stayed closed much of the winter. And chances are you immediately discovered a litany of dirty screens. Here are some tips on cleaning and adjusting those screens:

Great Ideas for Outdoor Furniture

Bold stripes, textured rattan and a splash of yellow wildflowers, on the patio at far left, re-create the days when neighbors gathered for an afternoon iced tea and conversation on the back porch. Today, lunch is served on plates layered in color and shape from round to square and back to round. The potted centerpiece has polished river rocks scattered around the base, a subtle echo of the nearby river. Gather around the fireplace, settle back into a comfy chair and watch dusk gently creep ac...

Mr. Know-It-All: Did Jackson Originate the Moon Walk?

Question: The moonwalk offers the illusion that the dancer is walking forward while actually moving backward. Michael Jackson used the step while performing "Billie Jean" on "Motown 25." It became his signature move. Did he originate the moonwalk? - L.K.B.

Adell Shay: Tear Up Your Mental 'You Owe Me' List

UOMe (You owe me) 1. An insistence that one is entitled to some thing or action from a person, institution, organization or the Universe by virtue of his or her existence or good deeds, requested or not.

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